Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Once More Into The Breach...

Last night, or rather early this morning (guess it depends on the time zone, and when I am zoning, I lose all track of time) I wrote the last line of The Glastonbury Chronicles Volume VI "The Barley And The Rose".  It was satisfying, yet I found myself crying through the final pages of the book as memories of all the books which had gone before came suddenly tumbling into my consciousness.

The book will be out this October.

Will this be the end of The Lads?

I won't know until they tell me, but I am certain they will at least  pop in every now and then in Dubhghall's adventures, the Tales of the Dearg-Sidhe series.  Volume III "The Pale Mare's Fosterling" is in final edit and will be released this June.

In the mean time, I will miss them tremendously and concentrate  on some new adventures for Dubhghall, who has centuries to go to catch up with them.  I will also be finishing up the Tarot of the Sword and the Rose, which is seen first in last October's release "The Rose Above The Sword".

There is also another companion series, The Glastonbury Archives in the works., which deals with back stories relating to The Glastonbury Chronicles.  Volume I, "The Sword Beneath The Rose" is completed and will probably be released some time next year.

And then there is the mystery novel...well...that is another story entirely and one I will get to later..