Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Once Upon A Time

About 19 years ago I began to write a book,  It was a fantasy romance about Jacynet Corbeau, a Bladeswoman and member of the Raven Guild, a redheaded sword-for-hire in a mythical land  filled with political intrigue in a society somewhere in the Middle Ages, and the man who would become her true love, a young Bard called Donall with a mysterious past.  Somewhere  about 50,000 words into the novel I was beset with a profound and total computer crash and I thought the manuscript had been lost forever.

Thank The Gods I was wrong!

Two months ago my husband Jay, that steadfast, good-hearted dear soul whom I have known since we were children together, my dear husband Jay found a back-up of the book on one of his old computers.  It was in a version of Microsoft Word so old that he had to strip the files entirely and reconstruct them to get them into the current version of the same program, but techie that he is he was able to restore everything I had written up to that point.

I spent the next several weeks reading, editing and finishing the book, which now stands at about 71,000 words, and with any luck "The Raven's Daughter" will be out this Fall, in time for the World Fantasy Convention in Washington D. C.