Sunday, August 15, 2010

All in a Day's Work

The day began with the thunder of tiny paws and a demand from Gandalf the Grey  (age 3 months) to be fed, along with the indignant looks of  the older tomcat D'Artagnan (he of the golden fur and peridot eyes and about 13 years of seniority) suggesting the kitten should pipe down and treat the matter of feeding time with a little more dignity.

While I was up, I thought, I might as well check my email, and, oh, grumble, yes, grumble, read back the meagre pages I had churned out the afternoon before.

Several hours and 3000 words later I emerged, having finished both Chapters 18 and 19 of THE BLOOD OF KINGS, whooping and hollering and doing a victory dance. I had finished one of the most crucial scenes of all which will tie "The Glastonbury Chronicles" series back in with the "Tales of the Dearg Sidhe" series and link the far past with the far future, for though the heroes of both series have paths that cross again and again, this is the ultimate junction of their lives, the one which will change the course of one life forever.

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