Friday, September 3, 2010

She Who Must Be Obeyed

I do not have insomnia.  I have a Muse who is living on Greenwich  Time and expects me to do the same, which makes it, shall we say "interesting" for someone who in her mundane life is currently living on Pacific Daylight Time. slug-a-bed, I found myself dozing off at 9PM last night and up brightly at about 1 AM to add 3 pages to a chapter (25) I had assumed was finished.

Never assume anything.  Never assume I have any idea of where this Muse is taking me or why.  I don't.  I just hit the keyboard when I'm told to do so and marvel at what I read when it's all over.

It's past noon over there.  It's a little after 4 AM here, and the alarm will be going off in less than 3 hours.

Sleep is for wimps.

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