Friday, January 21, 2011

Birthing A Book

For some reason this one went easier than the last.  No more 4 AM feedings of the Muse, no more  coming to bed at the crack of dawn with the words "Finished another chapter" on my lips.  This one left my keyboard yesterday afternoon, with no sense of post-partum depression, only the sense that I had taken another step along the journey as my characters took theirs.

"THE GREAT QUEEN'S HOUND" is the second installment in the saga of Dubhghall mac Cu, "Tales of the Dearg-Sidhe", who finds himself in the midst of the 12th Century  anarchy between Stephen of Blois and Empress Mathilda, both claiming the right to rule England after the death of Henry I, but there are darker forces at work than mere politics, forces which have been lurking for centuries, forces which Dubhghall first encountered during Boudicca's rebellion against Rome.  With the fall of the Roman Empire being succeeded by the new Holy Roman Empire in which the Old Faith has gone underground, will The Morrigan, the Great Queen of Battle and Sovereignty and Her foster-son Dubhghall be able to protect Britain against this old evil which threatens annihilation of all that stands in its way, or will the Dark Ages return in an even darker, even more sinister fashion?

Find out June 21, when "THE GREAT QUEEN'S HOUND" is released by Pendraig Publishing.

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