Sunday, April 5, 2015

Post-Wondercon Reflections

To be fair, I probably should have stayed home.  I had a massive asthma attack on Thirsday (and asthma is something new to me) and was told I also had pneumonia.  But it was Wondercon,  I had promised to be there for a book signing, and I wasn't contagious so armed with 2 different kinds of antibiotics, 2 oral inhalers and one nasal inhaler I climbed aboard my trusty mini-TARDIS (as I have named my new blue Celebrity scooter) and headed for the wilds of Anaheim and the delightful madness that conventions are made of.

Wondercon was its usual kaleidoscope of costumes, from three young ladies who looked as though they had stepped out of the opening sequence of Indiana Jones 2 (the recreation of Kate Capshaw's dress was so good I kept waiting to hear "Anything Goes" in Mandarin) to characters fro, old Twilight Zone episodes, to various Avengers.  The most recreated costumes were the TARDIS and Harley Quinn, followed by Captain America and various incarnations of The Doctor.  I didn't get to see any of the panels, but I was interviewed by Gene Turnbow of Krypton Radio.  I have been told the interview will be up on You-Tube shortly

Afterward I headed over to California Adventure to catch the new Frozen show, which was delightful.  Being a Disney Annual Passholder has its benefits.  The Parks are only a few blocks away from the Anaheim Convention Center and were very lightly attended yesterday, so with a Fast Pass I had only a half an hour to wait till I saw the show, and then, exhausted, went home and collapsed.

Today I catch up on what the DVR recorded yesterday, notably the return of "Outlander".  Of course I'm a fan!

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